ouat ㅡ 7×02: ‘a pirate’s life’ sneak peek

ouat ㅡ 7×02: ‘a pirate’s life’ uhq stills

Hello Uglyduckings.
The stills of Emma in the second episode has been released. You can see her with Killian and Henry (adult version played by Andrew J. West). I can’t wait to see this episode even if i know i will cry a lot. All the pics are in the gallery.

TV SHOW » Once Upon a Time [2011-2017] » Season Seven » Production Stills » Episode 02 ㅡ A Pirate’s Life.

OUAT ㅡ 7×02: ‘A Pirate’s Life’ promo

Hello Ugly Duckings.
So, the first article sign the last episode of Jennifer Morrison in Once Upon a Time too. You can watch the promo for the next episode who will be on air Friday night. I hope you all enjoyed the first one (i did) and i can’t wait to see Emma again, even if it’s the last time.

Always Jennifer Morrison is now open !

Hey Ugly Duckings !
I’m glad to say that Always Jennifer Morrison is now open ! With the website you will have all the new, photos, videos, and even informations about Jennifer’s projects. I hope you all will enjoy this fansite.

Good to know, i’m not english but french, so i will do a french part for the press and important informations in the menu. I’m sorry if sometimes i write something wrong, don’t hesitated to say it to me in twitter (@jenmorrisonus) or here in the comment !